Weight Problems The Cause

Weight Problems - The Cause

The Sudden Change in the Way We Eat

For 99.999.7% of our time on planet Earth, Human beings have been hunter-gatherers; predominantly eating fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds [now being called by some ‘clean eating’]. Then around 10,000 years ago, the cultivation and daily consumption of cereal crops began. This change heralded periodontal diseases, unknown to previous generations. Livestock, a major source of meat and milk were also fed cereals, which encouraged the growth of parasites. Certain parasites make us crave the foods they thrive on: foods high in sugar.

Food becomes a ‘science’

Special interest groups, profits, and the need for convenience we have been encouraged to believe we need, drove a sharp change in the way we eat. Food became a ‘science’, with longer, and longer lists of unpronounceable ingredients, many of which make us crave the food even more.
Then there was the Food Pyramid –see link below. It was created in the 1970sby the U.S. Board of Agriculture as a guide to how much of certain foods we should be eating, to achieve a ‘balanced diet’. We were told that the majority of our diet should be grain-based.
For years doctors insisted - my family GP included - that getting a balance of proteins fats and carbohydrates was all that mattered; whether the food was dried, or came from a tin, was irrelevant. In recent years, it has emerged that farmers had bumper harvests of grain-based crops to dispose of, and so a diet high in grains, became the recommendation for ‘healthy eating’ in most western countries. Another recommendation, which was seized-on by food manufacturers was ‘low –fat’ [fat was more expensive than sugar, so food manufacturers happily substituted fat with sugar, to maintain taste]. Ever since we started eating man-made food, we have seen a stratospheric increase in allergies and chronic illnesses that were rare prior to the 1970s, and of course, people have been getting fatter, and fatter. Look through old family albums. How many people were obese, or even overweight?

Read more about the story of the Food Pyramid click on the link:
The recommendations of the Food Pyramid have been debunked in recent years. However, in spite of this, NHS guidelines continue to endorse eating low-fat, high carb food, and pasteurised, skimmed milk, etc.

‘Clean eating’ V. Food Fadism

Processed foods are often full of chemicals and flavour enhancers which have a detrimental impact on taste buds and hormones. Click to read about MSG [monosodium glutamate] and how it is covertly added to many common processed foods.

The rise in ‘Clean Eating’ – which is basically ‘avoiding processed food’- is an indication of the public voting with their wallets: more and more people are becoming fed-up with fake-food, and feeling sick, tired, and overweight. However, ‘clean eating’ was seized on by anorexics and orthorexics, and became labelled as a ‘dangerous fad’ by many doctors: it’s just real food, free of drugs, pesticides and other toxins!
Food is our best medicine, but this fact has never been given the importance it deserves by the medical establishment, who until recently, appearedto believe that as they produce a pill for every ill, and a drug for every bug, people could pretty much eat what they liked. However, a sea-change has begun.
NB: For years, people have blamed‘their genes’ for their inability to lose weight.A recent article in Time magazineconfirmed that gene variations associated with weight gain have no influence on ability to lose weight.

Causes and consequences of increased chemicals exposure.

In addition, scientists discovered that daily exposure to chemicals [in food and the environment]negatively impacts hormones, the human microbiome, and also damages the integrity of the gut wall [increasingly called ‘leaky gut]. This is believed to be the main reason so many people have ‘hidden food intolerances’. Some authorities claim as many as 85% of people have at least one hidden food intolerance, and some claim the figure is 100% amongst the obese. ‘Leaky gut’ and hidden food intolerances, are vastly under-reported causes of obesity, and many chronic illnesses.However, medical students & doctors are not given this information, so most will poo-poo the idea.
Read more about the connection between hidden food intolerances and weight-gain:

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*Everyone is different, so there are no guarantees about how much weight each person will lose.

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