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Below, Finally Slim Forever clients speak about their experience of the Finally Slim Forever weight loss programme. Many clients are still undergoing treatment, and continue to lose weight.

Javedah says:

I’ve been wanting to lose weight for years. I’ve tried so many diets, and have always found it hard to lose weight. Just before going to see Marjorie, I had been on a diet for over 6 weeks, without losing a single pound. I weighed 13 stones 3 lbs, and when I went back for my second appointment with Marjorie, 9 days later, I had lost 10 lbs. She explained that it was mostly toxic bloat, but I felt great, and looked so much better. I was so happy, and I found it easy, because I really liked the food, and it made it easier not having to count calories.

In under 3 months, I lost almost 2 ½ stone [16 kg]

Other benefits I’ve had:

  • My ankles are no longer puffy, and I can wear feminine shoes again
  • When I went shopping with friends, I used to have to sit down every ten minutes. Now, I regularly go shopping for 6 hours and don’t sit down once!
  • I have gone down 2 bra sizes
  • I feel much happier
  • Everyone comments on how much younger I look, even my sons
  • I got my younger son to follow the same diet. He lost his ‘man boobs’, and has much more energy.

Javedah's lost 2 ½ st [16 kg] in 3 months

Lynne says:

“In my mid 20s I weighed 9 ½ stones, but then my weight just kept creeping up and up. I have tried every diet going. No matter what the diet, I struggled to lose 1 lb a week.

When I began Marjorie’s programme at the end of June 2017, I weighed 18 stones 13 lbs. I lost nearly 7 lbs after just 8 days.

My weight averaged between 2 -5 lbs a week.

I was amazed that I lost my mad sugar cravings, and no longer had the terrible hunger pangs I’d had for years.

By the time I finished the 10 bioresonance sessions, I had lost 2 stones. I’m going to continue having bioresonance sessions every few weeks -I believe they really help me -until I reach my goal weight. By October 25th I had lost 2 stones 10 lbs.

Other benefits I’ve had:

  • Much improved stamina.
  • No longer have the chronic diarrhoea that made
    me practically housebound – and miserable- for
    over 3 years
  • Sleeping much better
  • Skin much better
  • Lots of comments about how well I am looking

Lynne lost over 2 st in 10 weeks

Andrew says:

“When I heard about Marjorie’s weight-loss treatment, I was desperate. I was addicted to junk food, and had been on the waiting list to have a gastric bypass for over 3 years. Last year, I was diagnosed with diabetes. I was really fed-up.

At every Finally Slim Forever session, I was hooked up to a bioresonance machine. I was amazed when I lost almost a stone in the first week. Marjorie told me the weight-loss was mostly toxic bloat, but I felt great. I really noticed it in my face.

Added Benefits:

  • My food cravings disappeared really quickly.
  • It felt like my hungry feelings had beenswitched off.
  • I sleep better
  • I look better
  • I feel more confident

I did everything Marjorie said, I only cheated twice. By the end of 3 months I had lost a total of 6 stone. It’s hard to believe I spent all those years being fat and miserable.

I still go out for a drink with friends. I also have takeaways every now and again, but my taste-buds have changed. I don’t crave junk food anymore, and for the first time in my life, I’m cooking and really enjoying it!

Andrew lost 6 st in 3 months

Nadeem says:

“I have known Andrew for years. He used to be a regular at the KFC opposite my market stall. He would sit outside in his mobility scooter, and wait for them to bring his food out. I was really shocked when I saw him around May/ June. He had lost so much weight. He was about half the size he used to be, and was no longer using his scooter. He told me about Marjorie, and my wife and I went to see her, because we both needed to lose weight. It’s been the best thing we have done: we are both feeling and looking so much better. I feel as if I have a new wife!

I admit it took me a while to stop cheating. My wife lost weight faster than I did, because she didn’t cheat. Marjorie made a £10 bet with me one week. I hate losing, so I stuck to her recommendations 100%, and I lost nearly 5kg in one week, and won £10!

After that, I stopped cheating, and not only did the weight keep coming off, I also started to feel so much better

Other benefits I have had:

  • So much more energy
  • No more cravings
  • Hated vegetables. Now eating lots more
  • Intestinal problems improved
  • Skin looking better
  • Family life is much happier, as my wife is like
    a new person. She never had any energy before.

Nadeem Lost 3 st [18 kg] in 3 months

* Individual weight loss results depend on many factors and will vary from person to person

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