Keith’s Story:

Keith was an ex. Army man, and first came to see me in March 2018. He weighed over 20 stone, and while he is a very outgoing person, his weight was beginning to bother him. Plus, he had been getting ill quite often in the last few years.

Keith was coming from Newark for treatment, and his job as a Councillor for Newark & Sherwood District Council meant it was not easy to find the time to come to London. However, Keith was delighted to discover at his next appointment that he had lost 14 lbs [ 1 stone, or almost 7 kg] in just 12 days.

Keith continued to lose weight. He was promoted to Deputy leader of Newark & Sherwood district council, which took up even more of his time, but Keith still managed to come to London for his treatments. By his 10th session in June 2018, Keith had lost over 4 stone [28 kg in 3 months]. He looked great and felt great!  Keith shares his experience in the video opposite.

Neville’s Story:

Neville came to see me after being impressed by how much weight one of my clients -a friend of Neville’s- had lost and how well he looked. Neville is otherwise healthy, but said he would appreciate losing a little weight, especially around his mid-section. He is very health-oriented and was very interested in the health benefits of bioresonance. He was surprised and delighted to lose 12 lbs and 2 inches from his abdomen in just 8 days. He was treated with a combination of bioresonance and a healthy eating plan with no calorie-counting. Neville tells you in his own words in the video opposite.

Hanna’s Story:

I met Hanna at a seminar we both attended in February 2018. During dinner on the second evening, Hanna mentioned the emotional stress she had been under for years, mostly to do with a close family member.

Stressful events had been happening regularly for years. She said she was exhausted by the situation, and felt it was un-resolvable.

I explained how to use the Hypno-Sensing® technique I had just developed to Hanna over dinner. She was the first person to use it.

Hanna sent me a message a few weeks later, saying: ”Your technique has changed my life. I use it every time I feel an explosion of negative feelings and I’m absolutely blown away by how much it calms me down. I will be forever grateful for our roads crossing”. Hanna shares her experience in the video opposite, filmed November 2018.

Leon’s Story:

Leon came for his first treatment in early 2018.  A mutual colleague had told him about my approach to losing weight. Leon said any attempts at losing weight in the past were painfully slow, and he didn’t think the feelings of deprivation warranted the results. Leon is a self-confessed ‘polymath’ and was intrigued by bioresonance. He was impressed on many counts. Not only did he manage to reach his goal weight without feeling too deprived, he had many other unexpected benefits, not least the restoration of ‘appetite control’, something he could not remember experiencing in years. That for him, was major. It meant he could indulge in his favourite food, but no longer felt compelled to keep eating until he was stuffed. He said, “that is an incredibly liberating feeling”. Leon relates his experience in the video opposite.

Mariola’s Story:

Mariola wasn’t strictly speaking a ‘weight-loss client’. Mariola had been diagnosed with Lyme disease. After several treatments, she told me recent tests showed that all her Lyme markers were now clear. Her weight loss of 4 kg was unanticipated but very welcome. She was also delighted by a decrease in bloating, and many intestinal improvements. In addition, she was surprised and delighted with the fact that her cravings disappeared and that she could go for long periods without needing to eat all the time: something she couldn’t remember experiencing. Mariola relates her experience in the video opposite.

Gurdip’s Story:

Gurdip came to see me after being impressed by how much weight two of my clients - Nadeem & Javedah - had lost. Gurdip’s biggest problem -when it came to losing weight- was that she was always hungry. As a result, she found it very difficult to lose weight no matter what diet she tried. Gurdip tells you how she found my approach to weight loss in the video opposite.

Korfa’s Story:

Korfa was not a weight-loss client. However, I have included his story as it demonstrates the power of bioresonace for treating other conditions; in this case severe allergies. 

Korfa is a member of Parliament of the Federal Government of Ethiopia.  He had been experiencing a severe cough for over ten years. His daughter heard about me and booked her father in for treatment while he was in London.  

Korfa had consulted various medical doctors in different countries over the years, but none were able to help. During his first session with me, Korfa coughed about 150 times. I was told this was normal. He also told me his cough woke him several times each night. 

During his first session, I detected -and treated- allergies to house dust mite and dairy products. I treated his allergies with bioresonance. During his second session -a few days later- he only coughed twice, and after his third session -another few days later- he was not coughing at all. Korfa relates his experience in the videos opposite… His wife and daughter also comment…

Update: The week after treatment, Korfa and his wife and daughter went on a pilgrimage to the Hajj, in Mecca for the first time. They had to walk for miles, and while his wife and daughter struggled, Korfa had no problems at all, and only coughed ‘normally - the same as anyone else’. 

Saharla’s weight-loss Story:

Saharla is Korfa’s daughter. She came with her father for his first treatment. When she heard that I also use bioresonance to treat weight loss, she said she would like to come for weight-loss treatment. Saharla didn’t need to lose a lot of weight, but she was feeling very tired and also wanted to improve her diet. 

Saharla manages a busy Care Home and during the day, she tended to snack rather than eat proper meals.  She was pleased that the eating plans did not involve calorie-counting and were easy to fit in to her day and was delighted to notice that she felt satisfied with much less food. She told me she was feeling much better and had more energy. Saharla relates her experience in the video opposite.

A Care-Home resident’s Story:

Saharla asked if I thought I would be able to help one of the residents in the Care Home she manages. The resident was in her late 80s and had dementia. She also had a skin complaint which made her scratch so badly her body was covered in sores and the bed sheets were often covered in blood. I asked Saharla to bring samples of any soaps used and any washing powders used to wash the resident’s clothes and bedding

I discovered she was reacting strongly to one of the washing powders used at the Care Home. I inverted the frequency signal of the substance with bioresonance. I also requested that all her resident’s clothes and bed sheets be washed with another washing powder her body had shown a tolerance for. 

Unfortunately, her resident was unable to tell us herself if she was feeling better, but Saharla said that whereas before, staff used to report the woman’s broken skin and blood-stained sheets daily, there had been no reports for over a week. Saharla relates the story in the video opposite.

Tadeusz’ Story:

Tadeusz was not a weight-loss client, but I have included his story to show how bioresonance can benefit other conditions. 

Tadeusz was a former Professor at Imperial college in London. He had to retire early after a serious car accident which crushed several bones throughout his body. Tadeusz’ background was steeped in ‘traditional science’, however, after his accident, he had to rethink. He has a very strong spirit and refused to accept the prognosis that he would never walk again. 

I have treated Tadeusz a few times over the years. He is now over 80, and despite his history, is in very good health. In the spring of 2018, he began to be concerned about lapses in memory and low energy; a medical doctor diagnosed Alzheimer’s, which Tadeusz refused to accept. I treated him for several weeks for the removal of toxins, e-smog, food intolerances, and ‘leaky gut’ [intestinal permeability]. Tadeusz and his wife relate the changes they noticed in the video opposite.

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