Solution No.1: Bioresonance

“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration“Nikola Tesla

Bioresonance is the medicine of the future

The reason bioresonance has become so popular in Germany, Russia, China, and many European countries, is because they have embraced the importance of treating health problems at the ‘energy level’- the ‘vibration level'. Biophysics controls biochemistry, so it makes sense to treat at the biophysical level, the energy level, as opposed to the biochemical level, the realm of pharmaceutical drugs. 

The energy level -where bioresonance treats- is where all problems related to health- including weight problems- begin.  Growing numbers -see list below- believe treating at the energy level is the way forward in medicine.

Under-recognised  causes of weight-gain; treated effectively with bioresonance.

I believe the reason for the success of the Finally Slim Forever approach, is that in addition to changing peoples’ eating habits, we also treat the under-recognised causes of weight-gain: TOXINS and HIDDEN FOOD INTOLERANCES. Both are treated very effectively at the energy level with bioresonance.

Toxins and bioresonance

In the last century, the amount of toxins we have been exposed to has risen dramatically. Many experts are beginning to link this rise with the corresponding increase in chronic illness and obesity.

If our body can’t process something, it treats it as a toxin and stores it in fat cells.  Our body can deal with soluble toxins easily, but many 21st Century products are insoluble and can’t be broken down by the body: synthetic additives in processed food, environmental pollutants, e-smog, synthetic fibres, laminate flooring, synthetic carpets, modern furniture, synthetic mattresses, synthetic drugs, plastics, dioxins, household cleaners and cosmetics etc. Bioresonance treatments at Finally Slim Forever focus on detoxification, including toxins from fat cells. Your bioresonance treatments also support the organs of elimination. 

As many buildings -and vehicles- are often poorly ventilated, indoor toxins are often more damaging than outdoor toxins, aka ‘pollution’. These are all treated as a standard part of your bioresonace treatments at Finally Slim Forever, but I also recommend my clients buy 'air cleaning'  plants  such as 'spider plants', 'boston fern't, aloe vera etc. o keep indoor pollution at bay in future.

Bioresonance weight-loss bonus

Bioresonance treatnments allow the body to convert normally hard-to-eliminate insoluble soluble toxins -stored in fat cells- into water soluble toxins which are easy to eliminate. As a result, those undergoing Finally slim forever treatments lose toxic bloat quickly. While average weight-loss in the first week is between 6-8 lbs, it's not unusual for people to lose over a stone [6kg] of toxic bloat in the first week. Losing toxic bloat not only makes you feel better, it makes you look better too; often years younger in a week!

Toxins impact appetite control

We are born with perfect appetite control; just watch any baby whose body has decided it has eaten enough, the baby's mouth will clamp shut, and it will turn its head away from the spoon. Toxins impact appetite control in two ways: 1] irritation and 2] inflammation. Irritation and inflammation upset the body’s blood sugar balance by causing fluctuations in appetite control, which can lead to over-eating.

Toxins are a major block to the body’s ability to self-regulate. Loss of appetite control is a major cause of weight gain and obesity. Being unable to control their appetite is a major reasons most attempts to lose weight end in failure; no-one likes to feel deprived. A major benefit of bioresonance -when it comes to weight-loss- is that it helps our body reset its natural ability to control our appetite. As a result, we are satisfied with less food, so don't feel deprived.

Bioresonance treatment of  toxins

Bioresonance treats toxins in two ways: 1] General removal from body tissues, and more specific removal from the lymphatic system and the organs of elimination. In addition, the machine I use-Bicom Optima- has a dedicated ‘e-smog’ programme, which inverts the frequency patterns of e-smog. I use all of these programmes as part of the Finally Slim Forever approach to weight loss.

NB A word of caution for those who feel they can ‘eat what they like’, as they don’t put on weight. You may be the body-type some experts are calling ‘skinny fat’: slim but carrying excess weight around the abdomen. If you fall into the category of ‘skinny fat’, your body is also storing toxins, but instead of storing them in your fat cells, your body is storing them around your organs. People who are ‘skinny fat’ may not have weight-problems per se but often end up with auto-immune conditions or other chronic illnesses.

Hidden food intolerance

Hidden food intolerance is a vastly under-recognised cause, not only of weight problems, but of the 21st Century plague: chronic illness.

Many experts in the field believe that at least 90% of adults over the age of 40 have at least one hidden food intolerance. Food intolerance is notoriously difficult to identify; symptoms may not appear for days after eating the food, or they may be there constantly, meaning people rarely make the connection between the food and their symptoms. There is an added irony: the food people are most intolerant to is often one of their favourite foods. meaning they are even less likely to suspect it as causing them problems.

Hidden food intolerance and bioresonance

I use the excellent bioresonance food intolerance programme developed by German medical doctor and bioresonance practitioner Dr Gerhard Rummel. Dr Rummel became a bioresonance practitioner after being frustrated from years of treating the same people for the same illnesses and having to use increasingly stronger medications, without seeing significant improvements. He believed most of his patients were suffering from hidden food intolerances to food they were eating on a regular basis; causing constant inflammation in the body.

In conjunction with ‘Regumed’, the manufacturers of the bioresonance machine I use, the 'Bicom Optima'- Dr. Rummel developed an ingenious 10-session programme to treat all food intolerances without having to identify which food is causing the problem [there is little point identify foods: new intolerances can appear at any time]. During these 10 sessions, other bioresonance treatments are used and peoples’ eating habits are changed with nutritional therapy.  As a result, people are unlikely to revert to their old eating habits once they have reached their goal weight. 

A bioresonance weight-loss bonus

Bioresonance allows the body to release the normally hard-to-eliminate, insoluble toxins stored in fat cells. Bioresonance helps the body convert these toxins into water soluble toxins so they can be easily eliminated. As a result, it is not unusual for people having Finally Slim Forever treatment to lose a stone -and feel great!- in the first week alone -6-8 lbs in the first week is the average weight loss.*

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*Individual weight loss results vary

Quotes from experts in the field of Science about the role energy has in the future of medicine:

“Future medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body “— Professor William Tiller

“The energy field starts it all” — Professor Harold Burr PhD

“Body Chemistry is governed by quantum cellular fields” — Murray Gell Mann, Nobel Prize Laureate

“Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented by energy field assessment”— George Crile, Sr. MD, Cleveland Clinic Founder

“Treating humans without the concept of energy is treating dead matter”— Albert Szent-Gyorgi, MD, Nobel Prize Laureate

And of course, the quote mentioned in the Header by the great man himself:

“If you want to know the secrets of the Universe, think of energy, frequency, and vibration“   –Nikola Tesla

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