Food Intolerance, Leaky Gut and Additives

Food Intolerance, Leaky Gut & Synthetic Additives

It’s estimated that between 45-90% of adults have at least one hidden food intolerance. However, when it comes to people who struggle to lose weight, the figure is believed to be at the high end of the scale.

Food intolerances are notoriously difficult to identify; symptoms often don’t appear until 72 hrs after eating the food, so people don’t connect the food with their symptoms. An added irony is that the food people are intolerant to is often a favourite food!

Most people are completely unaware food they eat on a regular basis - which ironically, is often a favourite food, or ‘foods’ -could be causing their symptoms. In some cases, symptoms may be present a significant amount of the time.

A key element of my Finally Slim Forever weight loss method is a unique bioresonance programme developed by a German medical doctor who became a bioresonance practitioner. He developed a bioresonance programme which treats all food intolerances without having to test which food is the culprit [this made sense to me as new food intolerances can appear at any time]. The German doctor's hidden food intolerance programme was the subject of a 3-year trial involving 100,000 people and 150 bioresonance therapists from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The results of the study were very impressive. 

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However, if you would like to know more about the impact of food intolerance and leaky gut, and how we treat them at Finally Slim Forever, please continue reading…

Food intolerance and Leaky Gut

If you eat food your body is intolerant to on a regular basis, your intestines become irritated and inflamed. This can cause the lining of the gut wall to become weak and porous, allowing the contents of your intestines to leak into the bloodstream.

It used to be thought ‘leaky gut syndrome’ only occurred in people with coeliac disease [gluten intolerance]. However, recent research has revealed that having a leaky gut is a much wider problem.

The gut wall protects the -often hazardous- contents of the intestines from coming into contact with the rest of the body. However, if the lining of the gut wall becomes porous -as in leaky gut syndrome- undigested food particles can enter the bloodstream. This causes the immune system to go into a frenzy. Undigested food particles should not be in the bloodstream, so are treated as ‘the enemy’, triggering a cascade of inflammatory reactions.

Food intolerances and leaky gut often go hand-in-hand. Below are some of the main symptoms of having food intolerances and/or a leaky gut:

  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Joint aches and pains
  • Heartburn
  • Tired after eating
  • Strong food cravings
  • Bloating
  • Unhealthy skin
  • More prone to colds and flu
  • Rarely feel 100%

Why have food intolerances and leaky gut become so widespread?

The food people are intolerant to is not the unadulterated food it used to be. The wheat we eat today is not like the wheat our grandparents ate; it has been bleached, dyed, stripped of its essential nutrients; and is often full of additives. Milk is heated to high temperatures, and comes from cows regularly fed antibiotics, growth hormones, and cereal crops, when their natural diet is grass.

Food additives are considered by many to be a major culprit. There are currently 3000 substances which can legally be added to processed food. Consumer choice is removed as food manufacturers can legally list controversial -and potentially toxic- additives by other, more innocent-sounding names, such as ‘antioxidant’.

Food additives are used to improve colour, flavour and texture. They also increase shelf-life.  Examples are antioxidants, flavourings, emulsifiers, thickeners, preservatives and colourings. Because many of these additives are synthetic, the body has difficulty processing them. As a result, many additives become ‘insoluble toxins’. Unlike soluble toxins which the body eliminates easily, the body struggles to eliminate insoluble toxins, so stores them in fat cells; protecting the major organs from harm.

Side-note: The bioresonance programmes we use allow the body to convert the insoluble toxins stored in fat cells into easy-to-eliminate soluble toxins. This is why people lose so much weight -and feel great- in the first weeks of treatment at Finally Slim Forever.

Most members of the public have no idea that bi-products of the petrochemical industry, such as 'butane' [lighter-fuel], are listed as ‘antioxidants’ in food-ingredient lists. One of these ingredients, TBHQ -Tetra-Butylhydraquinone-, is an ingredient in KFC chicken nuggets, French fries, other fast foods, plus many biscuits, cakes, cereals, crisps, popcorn etc.

Some years ago, MSG -Monosodium Glutamate- was the subject of many newspaper articles. MSG was accused of causing headaches, numbness, flushing, feeling faint, and feeling nauseous. These symptoms were nicknamed ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome’; MSG was a popular flavouring in Chinese food. Members of the public became wary of buying food with MSG as an ingredient. However, as MSG goes by over 40 other names, food manufacturers simply changed the name on the ingredients list to innocent-sounding additives such as ‘yeast extract’, or ‘flavouring’.

Finally Slim Forever treatment of hidden food intolerances

Towards the end of my 4-year sabbatical, I travelled to Germany for a refresher course in bioresonance; bioresonance treatment is an emerging field and new developments appear regularly...

There was a buzz about an ingenious bioresonance programme which treated all food intolerances without the need to know which food the person’s body is intolerant to. The programme was developed by a German medical doctor who became a bioresonance practitioner after becoming frustrated by the limitations of treatment when it came to chronic symptoms. 

I upgraded to the latest bioresonance machine - Bicom Optima - and made the German doctor's 'hidden food intolerance' programme a key part of treatment at Finally Slim Forever. I also invested in software for my new machine, which allows me to test, and treat over 12,000 substances. I am currently the only bioresonance practitioner in the UK -apart from the UK agent- to have access to this software.

Finally Slim Forever treatment of leaky gut

In addition to having food intolerance/s, another suspected cause of leaky gut is toxins in the environment, which we treat effectively with bioresonance.  Additionally, I use Nutritional therapy to correct deficiencies which are often common in cases of leaky gut. I also recommend the best nutrients to heal the lining of the gut wall. In most cases, that is all that is needed. However, stress can also irritate and inflame the lining of the gut wall. If stress is an issue, I will use the  Hypno-Sensing® technique I developed; Hypno-Sensing® allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious mind. As your subconscious mind is responsible for your self-talk and 95% of your behaviour, this can be a game changer. You can read more about Hypno-Sensing® by clicking this link.

Finally Slim Forever treatment of food additives

I have recently developed a bioresonance programme which inverts the ‘frequency pattern’ of the most toxic food additives. This weakens their energy signal, allowing the body to convert these synthetic ‘insoluble’ toxins into soluble toxins so the body can eliminate them easily. This programme is now an integral part of treatment at Finally Slim Forever.

NB: If you would like to make an appointment, or discuss how Finally Slim Forever treatments will help you lose weight easier than you thought possible, please call me on 07925261616. If I can’t answer, send me a text, and I will call you back very soon.

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