Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have tried so many diets in the past. I lose weight, but as soon as I stop the diet, I always put the weight back on again [sometimes even more]. How do I know this will be any different?
A: The ‘Finally Slim Forever’ approach to weight loss is not a ‘diet’, and there is no calorie counting. The ideal food for your body type is identified, and over the course of ten sessions, you will grow to love your new way of eating. By then, you will be looking better, and feeling better, so it’s very unlikely you will ever go back to your old way of eating

Q: Will I never be able to eat chocolate, or have a glass of wine again?
A: Of course, you will! I am against ‘fascism’ of any kind. While it is sensible to stick to the guidelines until you have reached your goal weight, once you have done so I recommend following the 80:20 rule: if 80% of your eating and lifestyle are optimum, relax and ‘kick your heels up’ with the other 20%.

Q: What if I ‘kick my heels up’ too much, and put on weight?
A: I cover that during your sessions. The only time you follow a ‘diet’, is during Week 1. This is a detox diet I have been using with clients for over 20 years. This diet was designed to enable bariatric surgery clients to lose toxic bloat before their operation: to reduce post-operative complications. During this week, people can lose over a stone. Once people reach their goal weight, I ask them to set a weight above which they choose not to go. Then, when people get close to this ‘set weight’, they go on the detox diet for a few days, until they are back to their goal weight again. This has worked really well so far, and no-one has gone beyond their ‘set weight’. Once they are back to their ‘goal weight’, they follow the 80:20 formula again, knowing what to do if they ever ‘overdo it’.

Q: I have always had to fight cravings in the past any time I have tried to lose weight. Will I have cravings with your programme?
A: The latest research highlights that food cravings are often caused by having hidden food intolerances [ironically, we often crave the food we are most intolerant to]. A unique element of the Finally Slim Forever approach is the special bioresonance programme, which over the course of 10 sessions, removes ALL food intolerances without the need to identify the problem food. After the first few days, everyone, who has followed my guidance, has reported that their cravings disappear after the first few days.

Q: Why is there no need to test to find out which food the body is intolerant/sensitive to?

A: The German medical doctor [Dr Gerhard Rummel] who developed the bioresonance food intolerance programme, headed a research team of 150 bioresonance therapists. The team treated over 100,000 people. The unique aspect of what he called the ‘identity principle’, meant that by inverting the frequency patterns of just two foods of non-animal, and animal origin [ he chose wheat and dairy, because ‘the body knows them best’] on a regular basis, negative reactions to ALL foods were reversed over the course of treatment. Also, because intestinal permeability [‘leaky gut’] goes hand-in hand with hidden food sensitivity/ intolerance, large undigested food particles can escape into the bloodstream, so people can develop new food sensitivities/ intolerances at any time. Click on the link to read more about Dr Rummel’s food intolerance treatment http://lamers-praxis.de/medizinische-bioresonanz.html

Q: Will I have to exercise?
A: It’s not obligatory: Andrew, who lost 6 stones in 3 months, was unable to exercise due to an ankle injury. However, your lymphatic system relies on movement: unlike the heart, it does not have a pump. The lymphatic system collects toxins from cells and tissue and escorts them out of the body. The more you move, the more efficiently your lymphatic system will work. Walking and swimming are excellent ways of stimulating the lymphatic system: as is skin brushing.

Q: Is there any evidence that toxins in fat cells hinder weight-loss?
A: Yes, there are many scientific studies, but most of them are written by scientists for scientists. I have copied a couple of excerpts from an article on the subject, with a link to the full article underneath: ‘This Could be the reason why You’re Not Losing Weight Obesogenic compounds (fat-soluble toxins and heavy metals) make your fat cells grow bigger, damage both your mitochondria and the beta cells (insulin producers) in your pancreas. This creates the perfect storm for insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity. Many of these pollutants are also considered endocrine-disruptors which can slow down thyroid function which can slow your metabolism.

NB: The liver is the master organ when it comes to toxin removal. A key element of every bioresonance session at Finally Slim Forever detoxing of the liver and other organs of elimination.

*Everyone is different, so there are no guarantees about how much weight each person will lose

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