Added Benefits

Added Benefits of the Finally Slim Forever Programme


It’s not just about weight-loss! When the body is relieved of its toxic burden, is nourished with the correct food, and the microbiota - your gut flora - is balanced - all part of your Finally Slim Forever treatment - the effects are often miraculous. As a result, your hormones will finally be able to do the job they are designed to do: correctly regulate your appetite, mood, energy levels, metabolic rate, how you burn / store fat etc.


In their own words, here are some of the added benefits Finally Slim Forever clients have mentioned:

“I had no energy. I used to have to sit down every ten minutes when I was out shopping. Now I can walk around for hours with my friends without having to sit down once. It’s like a miracle!” Javedah from Bethnal Green.

Javedah lost 2 ½ stone [16 kg] in the three month, and continues to lose weight.*

“My life was dominated by fears of going without food. I can now go for hours without thinking of food. This has had a tremendous impact on my life”- Bunty from West Sussex.

Bunty lost almost two stone in the first two months, and continues to lose weight *.

“I never cooked. I ate takeaways, or microwave meals. During the day, I would eat in workmen’s cafes, then go straight into the newsagents to buy an ice-cream. Then, half an hour later I would be buying crisps and a bar -or two- of chocolate. That was my life. Now I cook real, healthy food, and love it.” – Andrew Banks from Tower Hamlets.

“I feel liberated from the eating demons that plagued me. I have so much more energy, I’m feeling good, my brain has clarity, I’m sleeping well, my skin looks terrific, and best of all, the chronic diarrhea I had for years has stopped.”- Lynne from East Midlands.

Lynne lost 2 ½ stone in the first 4 months*.

*Individual weight loss results depend on many factors and will vary from person to person

Javedah's lost 2 ½ stone [16 kg] in the three months

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