When I became a nutritional therapist in the 1990s, the golden rule of weight-loss was the calories-in/calories-out theory; if you want to lose weight, eat less and exercise more. Simple.

However, it wasn’t that simple. Telling people to eat less and exercise more might seem the obvious way to lose weight, but in practise it doesn’t work; from an evolutionary point of view, we are hard-wired to seek-out the most calorie-dense food, and no-one likes to feel deprived.

It wasn’t until my own weight began creeping up that I began questioning the official approach to weight-loss. Until then, I accepted the belief that people who struggled to lose weight just needed to use more willpower. Then it dawned on me that during all the years I was slim, I never had to use willpower to eat less; my body prevented me over-eating by switching my appetite off, so no willpower was needed. No-one should need to use willpower to eat less.

That was the wake-up call that made me start questioning the official approach to weight-loss. Instead of encouraging people to eat less, shouldn’t we be more interested in finding out why people are overeating in the first place? I knew from first-hand experience that when appetite regulation works effectively, it’s difficult to overeat. Effective appetite regulation takes care of the two biggest problems people face when trying to lose weight: 1] The need for willpower. 2] Feeling deprived. When your body regulates your appetite effectively, you don’t need willpower, and you don’t feel deprived.

Before the 1980s, being overweight was uncommon, and being obese was rare. Weight and appetite are controlled by hormones, so something must have caused hormonal disruption on a wide scale to affect so many people’s metabolism and appetite regulation. Processed food seemed the obvious place to look, but there had to be more; I knew many people who didn’t eat much processed food, but were overweight, and were unable to control their appetite.  

It took over 4 years, but by the end of those 4 years, I had uncovered the 21st Century problems responsible for disrupting hormones, and causing a breakdown in metabolism, and appetite regulation which I believe is responsible for the current epidemic in weight-problems:

1] Toxins from e-smog

2] Toxins from outdoor AND indoor pollution.

3] Synthetic additives

4] Nutritional deficiencies & hidden food intolerances

5] In some cases, ‘emotional toxins’ caused by stress and repeated patterns of negative thinking.

The good news is, I also discovered 21st Century solutions! My weight-loss method is unique. Instead of focusing on eating less and exercising more, it treats all the above problems; the reason you are overweight in the first place! It’s extremely effective, and there is no calorie-counting.

The Finally Slim Forever method I developed includes: bioresonance treatments, healthy eating plans, nutritional therapy, and –when necessary– the emotional release technique I developed during those 4 years: Hypno-Sensing

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The 21st Century causes of the steep rise in weight problems

Our body is a magnificent self-regulating organism, and weight-regulation is one of the most fundamental aspects of the body’s self-regulating ability. A failure of appetite regulation is an indication that something is blocking the body’s natural self-regulating ability. During the 4 years I searched for an answer, I uncovered 5 main blocks to the body’s ability to self-regulate:

1] Toxins from outdoor & indoor pollution

We have been exposed to unprecedented levels of synthetic toxins from outdoor pollution and indoor pollution. While our body can eliminate soluble toxins easily, it struggles to eliminate insoluble toxins, i.e.: environmental pollutants, synthetic food additives, synthetic fibres, laminate flooring, synthetic carpets, modern furnishings, synthetic mattresses, synthetic drugs, plastics, dioxins, household cleaners and cosmetics.

In order to protect the major organs from harm, our body stores these insoluble toxins in our fat cells. Insoluble toxins disrupt our hormones and interfere with our metabolism and appetite regulation.

2]  E-smog

Most of us love the benefits of wireless technology, however, the suspected dangers should not be ignored. Our bodies run on networks of invisible energy frequencies. Many experts are expressing increasing concern that the frequencies emitted from cell towers interfere with the frequency signals in our bodies.

The wireless industry is currently in a race to roll out super-fast 5-G technology. 5-G is claimed to be up to 100 times faster than current 4-G, but it requires cell-phone towers to be much closer to users than before. It is estimated that it will require the same number of towers -as have been built throughout the last three decades-  to service the new 5-G technology.

3] Synthetic additives and misleading dietary advice

Almost everything about food has changed dramatically in recent decades. Few would disagree that it’s great to have more choice, but at what price? Most supermarket food is calorie-rich and nutrient-dense. Most adults are deficient in key nutrients such as vitamin D and Magnesium, and the figure is even higher for teens. Many products are fortified with cheap synthetic nutrients which are often difficult for the body to absorb.

Much processed food is full of substances which increase shelf-life, add flavour, colour, texture, etc. There are over 3,000 substances which can legally be added to our food, many of which are synthetic and cannot be processed, or eliminated by our body. So, in addition to turning us into food junkies, these synthetic substances also turn us into a ‘toxic storehouse’.

In addition, as food manufacturers answer to shareholders, they are always looking for ways to increase sales; increased sales leads to increased profits. Food manufacturers knowingly and legally add substances to food which turn people into ‘food junkies’. They employ food scientists to find the ‘bliss point’ in foods. People find these ‘bliss’ foods irresistible, which is why some people find it hard to eat one biscuit without finishing the packet.

Many additives, such as MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, which are known to stimulate the appetite and cause weight gain, can legally be listed under different names, so the public is often in the dark about what they are eating; e.g. MSG may be listed as more innocent-sounding ‘yeast extract’, or ‘flavouring’. 

The -now discredited- ‘Food Pyramid’ which came from the US in 1992, was used in the UK for decades to show people what they should be eating to be healthy. It was later discovered that the advice in the Food Pyramid was heavily influenced by special interest groups within the food industry. People believed the Food Pyramid was Government-backed advice. For years, people all over the world were following recommendations that we should be eating between 6-11 servings per day of bread, pasta, cereals etc. No distinction was made between refined and unrefined carbohydrates. It was later discovered that the original recommendations made by nutritional experts were for between 2-4 servings of bread, pasta, cereals etc and there was a strong recommendation to limit refined forms of these products.

For decades, people have also been eating a low-fat diet to keep their cholesterol levels low. While this idea about dietary fat causing high cholesterol and heart disease was only ever a hypothesis, it prevailed for decades and was responsible for millions of people eating low-fat/high-sugar diets [sugar was added to replace taste when fat was removed] and being unnecessarily prescribed statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs.

4] Nutritional deficiencies, hidden food intolerances and ‘leaky gut’

Most food today is grown in soil full of herbicides and pesticides and deplete of essential nutrients. Processed food is often ‘fortified’ with synthetic additives, many of which the body has difficulty absorbing.

It is believed these are the main reasons for the hidden food intolerances which are now recognised as being a major cause of inflammation and food cravings. While estimates say between 40-95% of adults have at least one hidden food intolerance, the figure is believed to be at the high end of the scale for those who are overweight. Unfortunately, most people are unaware they have a food intolerance; the symptoms often don’t appear for 72 hrs after eating the food, and the food people are most intolerant to is often a favourite food, so people rarely make the connection.

Hidden food intolerances and a condition called ‘leaky gut’ are under-recognised causes of weight gain. 

Our unique ten-session treatment plan treats ALL of the above problems.

5] Emotional stress

People have always suffered from stress, but these days, stress levels are often unprecedented. Chronic stress and repeated negative thinking patterns impact hormonal regulation and the body’s ability to control metabolism and appetite regulation.

What is Bioresonance?

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Finally Slim Forever solutions for 21st Century problems

All toxins, e-smog, hidden food intolerances, and a poor diet are blocks to the body’s natural ability to regulate our hormones, our metabolism, and our appetite. The more blocks are removed, the better your body will be able to self-regulate. As a result, your metabolism will improve and natural appetite regulation will be restored. At Finally Slim Forever, these blocks are removed with a combination of:

  • Bioresonance
  • Nutritional Therapy

Finally Slim Forever solution for emotional stress

When I realised the powerful effect emotional stress can have on hormonal regulation and appetite control, I studied various energy psychology techniques, and other ‘emotional release’ techniques such as ‘Focusing’ by Eugene Gendlin, Peter Levine’s ‘Somatic Experiencing’, José Silva’s ‘Mind Control’, Time-Line therapy and Hypnotherapy.

I spent much of the 4-years developing an ’emotional transformation’ technique I’ve called Hypno-Sensing®  Hypno-Sensing®  allows you to communicate directly with your subconscious mind; our subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of our behaviour, and our self-talk.

Many attempts to lose weight fail due to subconscious sabotage. Hypno-Sensing allows you to control your behaviour at a subconscious level, so you can eliminate subconscious sabotage. Unlike many other forms of hypnotherapy, there is no need to go into a deep trance.

Hypno-Sensing® is easy to do, and very effective.

Added benefits of Finally Slim Forever treatments

  • Reduction or disappearance of chronic symptoms

During the ten-session Finally Slim Forever treatment programme [consisting of bioresonance treatments and nutritional therapy] people often report a reduction, or complete disappearance of chronic symptoms they may have had for years.

  • Fast release of toxic bloat 

The average  weight-loss in the first week is between 5-10 lbs [2-5 kg], however some people lose over a stone [7kg]. This is mostly from the release of toxins. Losing so many toxins not only makes you feel great, it makes you look great too; people can look years younger after just one week on the Finally Slim Forever programme.

  • No loose skin

Another positive side effect of our treatments is, in addition to helping the body self-regulate, the treatments also help the body self-heal. I believe this explains why none of my weight-loss clients have experienced loose skin after losing weight, even after losing 6 stone in 3 months.

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