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I know what it feels like to be overweight.
Ever since my son was born 24 years ago, I struggled to lose the extra 15 kilos I gained during the pregnancy. I did everything according to the received wisdom of the day: eat low fat, good quality protein and lots of unrefined carbohydrates. But any weight that came off, always came back again.

Over the next few years, I tried relentlessly to ‘get to the bottom’ of why I, –and so many others- had such difficulty losing weight and /or keeping it off. I knew it wasn’t as simple as ‘calories in/calories out’.

During that time, I studied many different treatments. Every one added a piece of the puzzle, but the 3 that form 90% of the Finally Slim Forever weight-loss programme are:


When my son was 3 years old, he was diagnosed with a severe nut and seed allergy. My quest to find something to help ended in Germany: I had discovered there were thousands of doctors and naturopaths using bioresonance to treat allergies very successfully. I trained to become a practitioner, and bought my first Bioresonance machine in 1997. The one I have now is my 4 th upgrade.

Energy Psychology

A few years later, I became very interested in the connection between unresolved emotions / weight gain, and chronic illness. When I read about the success of a new ‘energy psychology’ technique, I trained to become a practitioner of EFT [Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called ‘Tapping’], and several other techniques. Successful ‘Tapping’ depends on having vivid recall of your unresolved emotions and being as specific as possible about them. However, many people have spent years burying their negative emotions rather than resolving them: many people found it difficult, if not impossible to remember more than a handful of the emotions they had buried over the years. This often meant that a negative emotion they released with tapping, might come back. This was usually because another aspect of the problem –which they had forgotten about- surfaced. As a therapist, I often wished I could find an easy way to help people identify more of their buried emotions so they could release them with tapping.

Then one day, after an EFT session, I had an ‘aha’ moment. The answer came to me in a flash, but it took a lot longer to develop. I took a sabbatical to develop my idea for helping people identify their buried emotions and be really specific about them: both are regarded as the ‘Holy Grail’ of EFT Tapping. I called my method Word-Tap®. The book is due to be published in the New Year.

Developing the technique and writing the book took 4 years, and with the book finished, it was time to resume my practice.

The Latest Nutrition News

Before resuming my practice, I decided to catch-up on the latest news on the Nutrition front, and I also wanted to brush-up on my bioresonance skills, after 4 years away from my practice.

On the nutrition front, one of the first, and most shocking things I discovered, was that the ‘Food Pyramid’ used as the Gold Standard reference for ‘healthy eating’ was wildly inaccurate! I won’t go into too much detail here, but the experts – see the link below- who provided the data for the original Food Pyramid were shocked to discover their results had been altered to promote the sale of bumper harvests of cereal crops the farming industry had to sell. This was sanctioned by the American government, and the UK followed suit. For decades, we have been advised to eat low-fat / high-carb foods, when the opposite is true.


I was also very interested to read that undiagnosed food intolerances were an under-recognised driver of weight-gain, and many chronic symptoms. Plus, I was equally interested to discover the strong correlation between a condition called ‘leaky gut’, food intolerances, weight gain, and chronic symptoms. ‘Leaky gut’ is another name for ‘intestinal permeability’. The intestinal wall is a protective membrane that separates the contents of the intestines from the bloodstream. However, many things can irritate this thin membrane. Too much irritation can make the gut lining become porous, allowing large molecules, and undigested proteins to get into the bloodstream. This can cause chronic inflammation, leading to myriad symptoms, including hard-to-shift weight-gain. [Removing the causes of irritation, and healing a leaky gut, are cornerstones of the Finally Slim Forever weight-loss programme]

Bioresonance – the ‘X-Factor’ in the FSF programme

While I was in Germany to brush-up my bioresonance skills and upgrade my machine, I heard about a new bioresonance programme. This programme was developed by Dr Gerhard Rummel, a medical doctor, who is also a bioresonance practitioner. The programme treats all food intolerances without the need to identify which food is causing the problem. I was very interested in learning more about the programme, especially after reading the latest research showing the strong correlation between food intolerances and weight problems. I learned how to use the programme before leaving Germany.

The Birth of Finally Slim Forever

On the plane coming back to the UK, I reflected on everything I had learned over the past few years, and especially recently. I was really keen to combine the latest research about the kind of food we should be eating – as opposed to the low-fat, high-carb food we had been encouraged to eat for the last 40-odd years - with the German doctor’s food intolerance programme.

I decided that if it worked and I was finally able to lose the 2 ½ stone [15 kg] I had been trying to lose for 24 years, I was going to specialize in helping others lose weight.

I started following what I called the Finally Slim Forever weight loss programme: 1] The German doctor’s bioresonance food intolerance programme, plus additional bioresonance programmes to detox and support the organs of elimination 2] An eating plan based on the type of food we should be eating. 3] -when necessary – EFT, using the method in my soon-to-be-published book ‘Word-Tap’®. This is an excellent help for those who are ‘emotional eaters’.


In the first week, I lost 8 lbs. By the end of two months I had lost 2 stone. And the best thing was, I was confident I knew how to ensure the weight would never come back again. I called my weight-loss programme, ‘Finally Slim Forever’. My next client was Andrew, who had been sent by a colleague who heard of my success using the programme. Andrew had been attending NHS weight-loss clinics for over 10 years. During that time, he had put on even more weight. He began the Finally Slim Forever programme in March this year. He lost an amazing 1 stone- 7 kg- in the first week [ mostly toxic bloat of course], and by June 3rd [ 3 months] he had lost 6 stone in just 3 months.

Almost a year later, the weight has not come back!

You can read about the success others are having with the programme, by clicking here

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Nadeem Lost 3 st [18 kg] in 3 months

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